We give you a helping hand in the kitchen

  • Modern design
  • Engineering construction
  • Practical help
  • Compatible


We give you a helping hand in the kitchen

  • Modern design
  • Engineering construction
  • Practical help
  • Compatible


We give you a helping hand in the kitchen

  • Modern design
  • Engineering construction
  • Practical help
  • Compatible

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Basic colors, available in bright and matt versions

Fedőtartó, fehér színben

Fedőtartó, beige színben

Fedőtartó, narancs színben

Limited series colors, available in bright and matt versions

Fedőtartó, lila színben

Fedőtartó, piros színben

Fedőtartó, kék színben

Is the lid put aside in the way during cooking?

We often face the problem of having to place the lid somewhere while cooking. The challenge is that you have to put it aside securely, so it’s out of the way, but still at hand when you need it.
We usually place the lid upside down on the counter, which is uncomfortable for your hands and might pose a pushing-falling-burning hazard. If you place it on the counter with the handle up, then the steam will get everything smudgy. Moreover, if you put the lid on the counter, your toddler may reach and grab it, which may hit her, or glass lids may even break, and you’re in for a disaster.

You need to set the lid aside when you stir, season, add ingredients or taste your food. Another problem might be is that the lid is too far away, or is hard to reach (e.g. when you need it immediately to cover the splashing hot oil).
Also, lids placed on the counter take up valuable space from other activities, such as preparing the ingredients. To eliminate the issues above, I designed Lid Kith.

Lid Kith – solution for placing the lid securely

This invention, the Lid Kith can be installed on any vertical surface. It is a compact, simple, space-efficient, practical and stylish kitchen accessory.
This might be a great solution for the problems described above, as it does not take up space on the counter, may be used while wearing an oven mitt and may even be installed near the stove. It is designed to hold the lid safely and securely, you don’t need to worry of the lid falling off while you cook.

As it holds the lid in a nearly horizontal position, it won’t allow the steam to run off and smudge everything. If you wish to place the lid back on the pan, you can grab the handle easily, with or without oven mitts.
The innovation lies in the design and the placement of the lid holder. We have managed to put the lid somewhere while cooking so far, like on the counter, on a plate, in the sink or on top of another pan. These solutions, however, only created new problems: they increased the number of dirty dishes, the plate or the pan was in the way, or there might be a time when the water used to cook pasta may drip on the lid of an oil pan, which is extremely hazardous to put back.

Lid Kith in action

Limara’s Bakery

„…I whole-heartedly recommend this gadget to anyone who, like me, often find themselves standing, holding a hot lid while wondering where to put it for a couple of minutes while you stir, pour, drain, turn or whatever it is you do with your food. The day after the lid holder arrived, I made some doughnuts, so I put it to the test. It passed.”
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„Such a small gadget is handy while cooking, especially if you make several meals at the same time, in a confined space. It’s perfect for small, medium and large lids, too. I’ve tried it, it’s awesome, I fully recommend Lid Kith!”
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Otthon ízei

„t’s a great solution: you just install it wherever it’s the most convenient in the kitchen, and you’re good to go. I think this will be an ideal solution for those who have limited surface in the kitchen, as the holder does not take up valuable space from your kitchen counter. The curve of Lid Kith fits most types of lid, it’s practically one-size-fits-all. You don’t need to worry about the steam either as it does gather on the lid, but all you have to do is pour off the excess before putting the lid back on your pan.”
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„The lid holder is essential: it’s there when you need it, but it’s also humble enough to take up a tiny little space and be always available. You can install it virtually anywhere where it’s accessible (and, of course, safe), by using only two screws. In our kitchen, we installed it over the coffee maker, and it’s safe to say, it’s not in the way at all. I just pop the lid on top, or remove it when it’s done resting, and I don’t have to worry where to put the lid. Easy as pie! 🙂 ”
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Why use Lid Kith?

We designed it to create a space for holding lids that are in the way for a while when you cook. When you want to taste what’s cooking or wish to add herbs or other ingredients to the pot, Lid Kith provides a safe and secure location for your lid, which gets out of the way while still being at hand.

Where can I install my Lid Kith?

You can install it on any surface that is fit for screws. If you have a tiled surface, it is most pleasing to the eye if you install your Lid Kith in the grout. But if you have a good pair of hands and are not afraid to use them, you can also drill the hole in the tile itself.

Can I install it with adhesive?

No, because using self-adhesive tape or adhesives is not as secure as screws, and the Lid Kith might fall off the wall, which is a hazard.

Will it hold the lid securely?

Yes. Lid Kith is designed to hold lids of various shapes and sizes, used in an average household, safely and securely. It does not, however, protect you from the consequences of improper installation.

Will the steam run down the lid?

Before placing the lid on Lid Kith, always make sure to pour any excess steam off the lid, like with any other lid storage methods. Lid Kith holds lids securely, they don’t wobble or slide out of it; therefore the steam won’t run off it either.

How do I keep my Lid Kith clean?

Use a non-scratch washing-up liquid and a wet, soft sponge or cloth. You don’t need to remove Lid Kith from the wall when cleaning. We highly recommend you clean your Lid Kith before installation as well.

Can I store lids on my Lid Kith permanently?

Absolutely, though this is not why we invented it. We suggest storing lids in a cupboard, where they don’t get dirty. Lid Kith is designed to hold lids that are in the way momentarily, while you cook.

Can I install it on vertical surfaces only?

For the time being, yes.

Technical details

The product is made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) with a high shock resistance, high hardness and strength, good heat resistance and chemical resistance.

ABS is part of a group of engineering plastics that has to meet more technical requirements than the so-called commodity plastics.

Fedő tartó mozgás profil

ABS usually has three main features:

  • Good processing (melting at 160-185° C)
  • Heat resistance (softening at 100° C)
  • Strength, impact resistance, elasticity (50-70 MPa)


  • white
  • beige
  • orange
  • we are also preparing a limited edition color selection.


  • width x height x depth: 59.7 x 53.3 x 86.3 mm
  • thickness: min 2.5 mm – various within the body


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