Instructions for installation and use

We hope you’ll soon find Lid Kith essential in your kitchen.

The pack contains

  • 1db Lid Kith
  • 2db M3,5 screws to secure
  • 2db Ø5 wall plugs


Distances stated in these instructions apply to an average size lid (up to 30 cm in diameter), normally used in households.

Protect the product from direct heat.

Make sure to install Lid Kith in a way that the edge of your largest lid is at least 2 cm away from the stove, while it is accessible from both sides.

If you have an overhead cupboard, leave at least 25 cm between the bottom of your cupboard and the top of the Lid Kith. IMPORTANT If you wish to use lids bigger in diameter than the 30 cm we used here as a basis, you will need to increase the distance from the bottom of the overhead cupboard.

Once you have selected the right spot for your Lid Kith, place it on the wall and, through the boring, mark the exact spot of the screws. Make sure to drill holes at the same height. The holes need to be 24.9 mm apart. (Tip for tiled walls: you may want to secure the product in the grout, as it is easier to drill a hole therein, and the surface remains relatively intact should you ever need to remove your Lid Kith.)

We suggest using a small drill (tip: Ø3) for the first holes and only then widen them to the required size. Place the wall plugs in the holes.

Creating oval holes will enable you to level your Lid Kith horizontally. Insert the screws, tighten them, and your Lid Kith is ready for use.


Before placing a lid on your Lid Kith, make sure to pour any steam off the lid.
Turn the lid upside down, and place it on the Lid Kith slightly at an angle, ensuring it has an even support.


Rinse the Lid Kith thoroughly with warm water before use!
Remove any stains using non-scratch washing-up liquid and a soft sponge.

We hope you’ll enjoy using your Lid Kith.

Download the Instructions for installation and use (PDF)


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