Who We Are

Szilárd Molnár,
founder and manager

Molnár Szilárd portréSzilárd was born in 1980, Baja, Hungary. Being an architect, he is fascinated by ideas that make products and software innovative, in solutions that improve productivity. Szilárd loves brainstorming new ideas and getting involved in the implementation. He studied at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Pécs and has an MSc in Architecture.

Brigitta Molnár–Keresztényi,
partner in ideas and life

Molnar-Keresztenyi-Brigitta-degeszpocakBrigitta was born in 1981, Kiskunhalas, Hungary. She studied at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Pécs, where she majored in Marketing. She completed her studies in 2005. As a mother of two, she is often faced with complex problems in and out of the kitchen. She loves intuitive and practical equipment that facilitate everyday chores and free up valuable quality time for other activities.


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